Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bad News?

Charles Little broke his foot last Wednesday night in UD's game against UMASS. Coupled with the loss of 'Flight' Wright the Flyers will be without two athletic gifted frontline players for a period of four to six weeks. Boo hoo. This obviously increases our chances to gain a top 25 victory at home next Thursday night. But in a way you have to feel bad for them and Brian Roberts. They were having a terrific once in a decade type season and now they are forced to play lesser skilled and experienced players in their rotation. Mickey Perry coming along mid term as a transfer from Wisconsin has given them another perimeter bomber to go with BRob and Jimmy 'Joe Dirt' Binnie so the Flyers have plenty of firepower, not to mention the great play of Marcus Johnson. So I am not taking them lightly even though Lav owned London Warren in ALL THREE OF THE MUSKETEER VICTORIES LAST SEASON. The perimeter will not be the problem for the Flyers as I truly believe that Brian Roberts should be given serious All American team consideration. IF the Flyers can continue to win with out Little and Wright and he should be given a long look for the first team. But who shoulders the load with Huelsman on the inside? Thiago Corderio? Devin Searcy? If they could give solid defense and rebounding the UD faithful will be happy.

Here's the deal: I don't want to see the Flyers take a free for all to the bottom of the A10 standings. I don't think they will given the skill of Roberts and Coach Gregory. But it doesn't hurt my feelings to see them without two very key players with our matchup looming. We will do a position by position matchup on that one next week but I see the 'Jimmy Carter' streak safe for another year and with us having the possibility of taking FIVE IN A ROW. What do you think of that Swampy Meadows?

(Yes I know we have a very important road game against GW tonight; we will find a way to win.)

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