Friday, January 25, 2008

That was nice

I tip my hat to all the UD fans who showed up for the game last night. They made a little noise at the start and that was about it. I didn't even drop my 'enjoy the ride up 75' line because it wasn't really that much fun this year. They (Flyer Faithful) looked like the hoos in hooville on Christmas morning after the grinch stole everything from them.

I am absolutely estatic that we beat a top 20 team by such a large margin but now our focus must turn to UMASS. They have two league losses (both to St. Joes) and they have a top 25 RPI. To get this one on the road would start to seperate us from the pack in the A10. Gary Forbes averages about a shot per minute played and they really like to go end to end. It should be an exciting one.

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Dave said...

Wow, Thats all your going to say? You can rub it in a little.