Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Build me up Bearcat baby just to let me down

Arrrggghh! Did anyone else feel like they watched two different games last night? In the first half the Bearcats dominated the fighting Irish like they were the white flag waiving French. Gentry was hitting three's. Williamson was dominating inside on both ends and Kenny Belton(who?) actually played very well. The only problem was that they missed some open shots and missed on some second chance opportunities. They still went into the locker room up seven.

Halftime in the Notre Dame locker room.(this is not a reenactment. it is just what I think must have happened.)
Coach Brey-"What the hell is going on out there? We Are the fighting IRISH. That means we kick asses! Hey towel boy go get the secret Irish weapon. "(towel boy runs out. Coach Brey paces back and forth until a minute later when towel boy reenters with a cart full of pints of Guiness!)

Coach Brey- "OK boys Drink up! Coach Weiss refused this ND tradition and look what happened to his boys. They stunk to high hell didn't they! Now, lets go out there and kick some ass!"(everybody drinks up except for a confused Kyle McAlarney who still doesn't understand how smokin a doober is worse than this.)

Notre Dame comes out shooting lights out. John williamson gets hurt four minutes in and then things get ugly. Luke Harangody starts using every player the Bearcats throw at him. With Williamson out noone else seems able to even slow him down. The Bearcats cant make shots especially Vaughn. When He is off the whole team seems to follow. Before you know it the game is over and Notre Dame wins handily. How did this Happen?

Im not calling conspiracy here(ok I am) because winning road games is hard especially in conference but....
The Bearcats shot 11 freethrows.
Notre Dame shot 42 free throws.
Sound like a fairly called game to you?

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