Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bearcat report 1/22

first off sorry for the lack of posts on the Pitt game. I had my hands full with other stuff this weekend so Here is my take. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!
I think that is all that needs to be said at this point so on to a few notes.

Everybody who was a worried(including me) last season and the beginning of this season can breath a little easier. Mick Cronin has shown that he can get it done on the sideline not just on the recruiting trail. The evidence is in the last 7 games. It appears that he has gotten the players to buy in to what he is preaching and it shows. John Williamson who Mick called out publicly earlier in the year is playing very well which is a wonderful surprise considering he all but disappeared last season in conference play. Vaughn has shown he can lead this team and takes games into his own hands at times. Some of the Freshman are developing nicely and are taking what Mick says like Gospel. This will all help when next years recruits are coming into a much more stable situation and can fall into roles much easier.

Here are a few numbers that might interest you.

Last season - overall record 11-9 conference record 2-14

So far this season - overall record 9-9 Just 2 shy of last years win total with 12 games left.
conference record 4-2 Double last years win total with 12 to go

The Cats last five wins were all against teams in the RPI top 50

5 of the Cats 9 losses are against teams in the RPI top 50 at the time.

And last but not least my favorite info for todays post.

USA Today Top 25 Poll - Others Receiving Votes Arizona State 61, Florida 56, West Virginia 42, Rhode Island 24, Gonzaga 14, USC 12, Baylor 11, Massachusetts 9, Kansas State 8, Louisville 7, San Diego State 7, Connecticut 5, Mississippi State 4, South Alabama 3, UNLV 3, Oregon 2, Miami (FL) 2, Arizona 2, Illinois State 2, Cincinnati 1, Houston 1.

AP Top 25 Poll - Others Receiving Votes Saint Mary's 144, Clemson 136, Kansas State 120, West Virginia 90, Florida 49, Massachusetts 47, Gonzaga 32, USC 26, Rhode Island 17, Miami (FL) 15, Louisville 7, Cincinnati 5, South Alabama 5, Oklahoma 4, New Mexico 3, Mississippi State 2, Akron 2, Cleveland State 1, Creighton 1, Maryland 1.

Who would have thought the Bearcats would be receiving votes for top 25 polls this year. Not me thats for sure. until next time, GO BEARCATS!!!

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