Saturday, October 17, 2009

Practice? We talkin bout practice?

Yes we are. And yes, I know that is way overused but who doesn't love that clip? Heck a quick search on youtube and you will find tons of videos using, making fun of, responding to, and even re-enacting this wonderful Iverson moment. 


Not much to say here just that this is a great day to me. It's better than when pitchers and catchers report(sorry crotchety old baseball guy). Its better than anything to do with Hockey, Pro basketball, Golf or any other sport for that matter and its only the first day of practice. The only "league" that even compares when it comes to sporting events that aren't actually sporting events is the NFL with its combine, draft, and camp activities that get more coverage than most major sports actual games. 

Very soon my beloved Bearcats will take the floor with a fresh start and more hope than any year since Mick took over. Regardless of the situation with "Born Ready" I think the Cas are poised to make a big leap up in the conference. Obviously he makes us better but the other additions look good and Gates should make a name for himself this year. More on all that later this month when I preview the Big East saving the Bearcats for last.

Man I can't wait. 

GO CATS!!!!!

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