Monday, October 19, 2009

Damn right it's OUR CITY

I posted that video weeks ago and your just now commenting on it? I guess It took awhile for you to come up with your little rant. 

Your Damn right its Our City. Who else could stake that claim? The little program that could? The big fish in the small pond?

It took a collapse of colossal proportions in Clifton for you guys to get a sniff of the coverage in this town REGARDLESS of your programs success. The local sports talk station continues to try every year to make Xavier a topic with no success because nobody outside of Victory Pkwy cares. Every coach you hire leave to go to a bigger program partly because they will always be #2 in this city even when your team is better. 

Say whatever you want about records, success, postseason appearances, better halftime entertainment, weird blob guy mascot(actually he's pretty cool).....Whatever you've got you will never have this city. 

It Belongs to us. It Belongs to UC. Its well....OUR CITY!!!!!!

GO CATS!!!!!!!

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