Monday, October 19, 2009

"Our City" - Really? Is It?

As we countdown days and hours before college basketball teams around the country play their first exhibition games something has come to my attention. I couldn't help but notice the Cincinnati Bearcat basketball season ticket marketing campaign ingeniously titled "Our City".

To be frank: Really? It's your city? The team that averaged about 6,500 fans per night last season? Sorry UC marketers it is a far cry from your city. Television contracts and Cintas Center average attendance dictate it's not.

But I get it.

You have to start some where, some how to get the fan base back. I hear UC's athletic department is considering making folks who want to buy season tickets for football purchase season tickets for basketball. Trips to the College Basketball Invitational and late season swoons just doesn't cut it and neither will this silly little marketing campaign.

As a Xavier fan and alum I take it as a little condenscending. Same way as I took Mick Cronin's comments last year in regards to Syracuse and the A10 as a little condenscending. Taking it even further anything coming out of little Mick's mouth, is well, 'little'. Shut up and prove it on the court Bearcats. Until then quit posturing like your big time. You play in a big time conference for sure, but everything else hasn't added up since Nancy sent Bob Huggins packing. "Our City" is a joke, just like the 'Cats record in the Big East conference tournament.

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