Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey NCAA! Practice starts friday

You all remember Adam H? How about John Riek? I know you've heard of Lance Stephenson. What do they all have in common you say? I'll tell you. All had issues getting eligible to play while waiting to play for UC. Some of this falls on Mick Cronin and I'll get to that later but for now I'd like to focus on the old guys in Indy. 

With practice starting this weekend The NCAA Clearinghouse has yet to determine whether or not Stephenson is eligible to play because of his so-called amateur status. Apparently if the kid got so much as a piece of bubble yum and a soda from his MTV documentary they'll declare he is the scourge of the earth and burn him at stake using hundred dollar bills as kindling since they make billions in revenue from TV contracts

TV that features none other than "amateur" kids playing basketball for what amounts to room and board plus a piece of paper in a frame that promises(sorta) they can make 50 grand a year instead of 20. 

If the NCAA were smart they would know that Stephenson coming to UC to resurrect a once successful program is a great story and marketing gold. They would finish this type of business before the start of practice with time to spare so teams could put a better "product" on the court. I'm not suggesting they make an exception to the rule. I'm suggesting they change it. With Billions of dollars exchanging hands because of these games its about time the definition of "amateur" was redefined. 

The NCAA makes tons of money. The TV networks make tons of money. The Schools make tons of money.  Hell even guys like me make a little money from this game we all love. 

Using the term "amateur" to describe college basketball is laughable. Its a joke that the NCAA can sit back and take its time deciding a young mans future while its bank account grows by the minute from revenues gained on the backs of student-athletes. It's a joke but its not funny.

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