Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer School

All of Xavier's freshmen (Lyons, Frease, Redford, Walsh, and Holloway) are on campus and enrolled in classes. They will most likely only play in the Deveroes Summer League on the weekends due to that commitment. The Jordan Crawford recruitment seems to be in a holding pattern and I think it will be very difficult to get him to pay for a year of school at X.

Following the 'meat market' of Grassroots basketball in July it appears X is settling in on a newer target JD Weatherspoon. An undersized '4' at 6-6 he is reportedly a beast nonetheless. Hard not to compare him to Clarence Weatherspoon. If he could be half as good as the original 'Spoon we would be okay with that. Reportedly from rivals.com he is sporting offers to X and Akron with others involved. Adreian Payne will be a big all three of us (X, UC, and UD) in Southwest Ohio will pursue for the class of 2010. When your 6'9" with a 7'0" wingspan that will happen. Florida may be getting involved though. I would say the Flyers have the lead at this point. However Juwan Staten recently had some very interesting comments along the lines of 'Gregory may not be there when I graduate, if that is the case I am not coming' just how 'hot' is the seat in Dayton for Gregory anyway? Juwan is a consensus top 100 recruit at point guard for the class of 2010. Andrew Fitzgerald is backing away from X and UK and now settling more on east coast ACC and Big East schools. His list has grown. We are also after another big named Glen Bryant. Ultimately I think the staff needs to land one of these three for the '09 class to be considered a success: Ari Stewart, Kevin Parrom, or Tevin Baskin. We are due to lose Anderson and Raymond for sure and DBrown will be gone if he has a great season. They all are 'small forwards' in my mind so replinishment will be necessary along the front line.

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UPDATE: Weatherspoon is a class of '10 recruit out of Columbus Northland. Rivals also lists him at 6-7.