Sunday, July 20, 2008

DSL Finals

The Deveroes Summer League will draw to a close next weekend with John Flessa Law - v- Slats for the championship. More importantly it will be the first installation of FREASE - v- GATES. Slats in my honest opinion is the best team in the league. They have Deonta Vaughn, Mike Williams, Cashmere Wright, and of course Gates. Flessa features the aforementioned Frease and BJ Raymond who has been knocking down NBA range threes with regularity in the DSL.

I also had a chance to see Mark Lyons play for Game Day Communications yesterday and while his three point shots were off his amazing athleticism was on display. He had a vicious down the middle of the lane tomahawk over 6'5" Alvin Mitchell (who by the way has been tearing it up in the DSL).

Anyway I will be in attendance this Saturday to see what the 'Big Freeze' can do against Mr. Gates and vice versa. Should be entertaining. Woodward High School at 1:00 PM see the first battle between the big guys.

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