Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Thoughts 7/1/08

1.) The NBA draft came and went without any local players getting picked. Matter of fact no A10 players were selected. I am a firm believer that if Duncan continues to develop overseas he can have a Derrick Strong like career path. I see Burrell playing in Europe for several seasons and Lavender probably making a run in the D-League this year and then the USBL. Lavender is due to play on the Cavs summer league team, I believe Stan will play with the Pacers this summer, and Josh will probably run with either the Jazz or Wizards. The last two are not confirmed as I type this.

2.) Kenny Frease was named to the all tournament team on his recent trip with the U19 group. He was the only American listed among the five named to the team. It is exciting to think of his possibility but I want to temper expectations for him. I think he will have quite a battle trying to rest the '5' spot away from 'Big Lovely'.

3.) Sean Miller called my house! Well he called all season ticket holders encouraging us to re-up next season. Of course we are looking at a price increase of about $2 per ticket.

4.) College Chalk Talk (an internet forum dedicated to A10 basketball) listed recently the sophomores they think will break out next season. Of course Dante' Jackson was listed. Their quick recap mentioned as the season progressed so did his minutes. He was second on the team in steals at 22 in only 10.4 mpg. 'Hammer' was the team leader in steals and he only had 6 more than Jackson. Dante' also shot 37% from 3 land but needs to be more assertive at going to the hole with the ball. I think he will lock down the starting spot at '2' this year and split minutes with Graves. DJ more for defense and AD has a little more versatility on offense at this point.

5.) Freshmen ball players are due to start summer classes next Monday the 7th. That is when I will start visiting Deveroes a little more frequently.

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