Sunday, July 27, 2008

BIg East off season comings and goings

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Sorry for the posting drought. Its been a combo of personal stuff and just not much going on in BearcatLand. So I thought this weekend I would list all the changes so far in the Big East(all the ones I know about anyway). So here for your reading pleasure are the roster changes excluding incoming freshman and outgoing seniors. I will assume you know who graduated and I will be reviewing the incoming class in a future post. Also, I will go over the coaching changes in the near future.

Uconn - Curtis Kelly left for Kansas State and Doug Wiggins is headed to UMass

DePaul - Eric Wallace has transfered in from Ohio State

Gtown - 2 out 1 in - Vernon Macklin has left for Florida and Jeremiah Rivers is headed against the current(sorry horrible joke) and tranfering TO Indiana. On his way in is Julian Vaughn who will be eligible this season. 

Marquette - Scott Christopherson is headed to Iowa State

Notre Dame - Ben Hansbrough is coming to Southbend by way of Miss. St.

Pittsburgh - Cassin Diggs is leaving the program but has not announced where he's headed as of this post. 

Providence - Dwain Williams is headed to Oregon St. 

Rutgers - 1 in 2 out - Jonathan Mitchell in from Florida, Courtney Nelson and Justin Sofman out to William Patterson and Monmouth respectively

St. Johns is losing 2 players. Larry Wright to Oakland and Mike Cavataio to Holy Cross

Seton Hall - Keon Lawrence in from Mizzou. Larry Davis out to Loyola Marymount. Augustine Okosun is out but his destination is undetermined. 

South Florida - Augustus Gilchrist has transfered in from Maryland and 4 players(WOW) have left for for lesser programs Aaron Holmes to Santa Fe CC, Solomon Bozeman to Ark-Little Rock, Amu Saaka to Furman, and Orane Chin to San Fransisco

Villanova - Taylor King is coming from Duke. 

As of this post UC, Louisville, Syracuse, and West Virginia had no transfers to report. Of course I'm sure my much more thorough colleague Deck will add a few to the list including a few I should have known. Next up - the Big East Coaching Carousel!!!

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