Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Duncan Strongest at NBA Camp

JDunc was the strongest guy at the NBA Draft camp in Orlando. He benched 225 pounds 26 times to lead the class of 64. Burrell was the 4th strongest at the camp with 21 reps. It also listed w/o shoes Duncan at 6-8 and Hammer at 6-1.5. Brian Roberts (I won't share his benchpress totals because it would be embarrassing) stands at 6-0 without shoes. With shoes you can add an inch to everybody's height. I still don't see any of these guys getting drafted but you never know. Some mock drafts have Gary Forbes sneaking into the low first round and most project Will Daniels in the middle of the second. One thing I do not understand: How is Joe Alexander being considered for the lottery? Granted he is a good player but in the games I saw (XU and UC) I was not that impressed. Obviously his skill set is solid but is he a '3' or a '4'? Duncan abused him in the NCAA's with limited minutes due to foul trouble.

One other note of interest: Charles Bronson has landed at NAIA Pikeville College in Kentucky. I was hoping he would end up at NKU so we could catch a couple of games. All the best 'Death Wish'.

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