Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Congrats to James Posey on picking up his second NBA title with the Boston Celtics. Posey can hit the open market this year and expect him to get paid a few more nickels next year. His defense on Kobe was very, very good and he hit some timely shots as well. I wonder if he would like to return home to the greater Cleveland area and help King James win his first title. Great job JP and way to represent.

Also while we are congratulating folks I need to mention that Bill Comar, former director of basketball operations has moved on to be an assistant coach at Loyola (IL). True nice guy. I would expect to see Mario Mercurio elevated to his position on the staff.

One more congrats is in order also for Derrick Brown who will be working the Lebron James Skills Academy and another high profile camp that escapes me right now out west. He will be working with the best high school recruits in the country to teach them fundamentals, how to absolutely bend the freaking rim, serve up spalding burgers, and how to get more confidence in your outside jump shot. This guy is going to blow up absolutely BIG TIME next year barring an unfortunate injury. I would say he is X's next James Posey. ;)

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Deck said...

Quick note about DBrown. He will actually be attending Vince Carter's small forward camp in Orlando and not headed out west. Then in early July he will go to the Lebron camp to work with high schoolers. The James program has replaced the old Nike All American Camp on the summer circuit as attracting the top players and the focus is more on team ball supposedly.