Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Strength Coach , ect.

Xavier has welcomed a new strength coach on board and to the family. His name is Matt Jennings and he is being hired away from High Point in North Carolina. Before his stint there he worked at South Carolina (focusing on basketball and soccer) and before that he was at Wake Forest with the same responsibilities. He has a connection with Coach Mack and Coach Kelsey from their Wake Forest days. In the late '90's he was on staff with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Best of luck to Matt in developing the talent at Xavier physically.

Also I have read numerous blogs and message boards today glorifying Jordan Crawford's throw down over King Lebron James yesterday at his skills camp in Cleveland. Mr. Crawford (aka the 'Green Mamba') excited onlookers with his 'man up' dunk on James. Jared Sullinger (#3 rated player in 2010 class) put it up on his facebook page. When Gary Parrish and Adam Zagoria make mention of something like this it tells me Jordan help put his name out there nationally as well. Xavier fans will be lucky if they get to enjoy this talent on the floor the next two seasons.

Dee Davis has played well at the take 5 classic up at UC. Jerry Meyer from Rivals.com noted he is 'a steal' for the Musketeers. Let's hope so. Hopefully he can help convince some of the other great talent in Indiana they need to come down to the Queen City to play their college ball. Again if you get the chance take in some of the action up in Clifton. I believe tomorrow may be the last day of the tournament.

Speaking of the Lebron James camp I know Jamail Jones will be there. There will be far less kids than at the adidas tournament but I think the quality of play will be much greater. If I had my choice I would take Jones over Weatherspoon but I think there is room for both on the Musketeers roster. If Mack and staff don't land either of those guys I would imagine they would target Jay Canty, Jordan Manuel, and Griffin McKenzie to add to their team. The level of recruiting is staying at a high level for the Musketeers and this staff.

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