Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crosstown Date Set

Sunday December 13th will be the date of the 2009 version of the Crosstown Shootout. I can't say I am real excited about the day. Almost certainly ESPN has something to do with this. Saturday the 12th would seem to be the better date as college football regular season is wrapped up and bowl play is not started in earnest by then. Whatever I guess. My beloved Bengals play on that day at 1 PM so I will be curious as to the time of the Shootout.

With the date being set and the Deveroes Summer League regular season winding down it is getting time to do a 'summer preview' of both teams for next season. There is always plenty of promise and question each and every offseason. Both sides have plenty of questions. First off XU will have a new coach who is unproven as the lead guy. UC fans have to be curious as to what the final roster will look like heading into the season. They do know the Oklahoma State transfer Thomas will be eligible on 12/13 which is good because they are going to need all the help they can get to walk out of the Cintas Center with a victory. <;)

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