Monday, July 20, 2009

Crosstown Date

Circle it on your calendar boys Dec. 13 @ Cintas Center(ever notice the display of janitors uni's? I think they belonged to Dedrick Finn. HAAA!) It is also the 1st game Ibrahima Thomas, Big fella transfer from Ok St. will be eligible. Prediction? With no tape on the big man he will dominate on the D side while he is on the floor. Okay just kidding but it sounded good right?

In all seriousness I think with two local guys running the teams this could get back to the level of nasty from years past. I really hope it does. There is nothing like the Crosstown Shootout when bad blood is involved. Don't get me wrong I want hands shook at the end and respect to be shown. I just want a HARDFOUGHT game played. No pregame handshakes or hugs for guys you know from summer league.

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