Tuesday, May 26, 2009

D Brown to stay in the Draft

I just read Jeff Goodman's blog and it appears 99% likely that Derrick is staying in. We will be down to 10 scholarship players for next season and play four out, one in quite a bit in my opinion. There is nobody worth wasting a scholarship on for next season at this point in the game. Sure we could land a talented D1 transfer still to sit out next season (Jake O'Brien) but in terms of getting frontcourt help that is eligible for next season that ship has sailed.

So now expectations are tempered a bit from my perspective. I am excited for Derrick for sure and there are no guarantees he is a first round pick, but he must be feeling good after some of his individual workouts. He will always be one of my all time favorite X men. But I am not one to hold on to yesterday for too long. It is time to look ahead. The goal remains the NCAA tournament and we have the talent to do so, without Brown, for the 09-10 season.

After the draft I will take an in depth look at our roster and coaching staff as well. There is further change in our coaching ranks with Chris Rounds (strength and conditioning) off to Arizona. One last (and I do mean LAST) note in regards to Sean Miller. For a guy who claims he has a better chance to win a national title in the desert over the Queen City he sure is acting contrarily. If we had no shot here coach Miller why take the staff and the recruits from 'little old Xavier'? It seems to me your taking the 'Buick' parts and adding them to your 'Lexus'. Good luck $ean.

Best of luck to Derrick once again. It will be nice having another player in the 'league'. My money says Jordan Crawford will be there one day as well.

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