Monday, May 18, 2009

Couple of things

Jeff Goodman reported on his blog that Boston University's Jake O' Brien will be on campus early this week. The America East Rookie of the Year is a 6-8 PF who averaged over 12 points a game. Goodman's blurb also said he was considering Butler.

Brian Grant has been diagnosed with an early form of Parkinsons Disease. At 37 BGrant is to young to be dealing with that. ESPN will cover this story on their next 'Outside the Lines'.

Will Barton (five star shooting guard) has Xavier on his 'list'. It shows Bino can get 'in' with the highest level prospects in Baltimore. However being on his list and getting him to seriously consider Xavier are two totally different things.

I read in an article dated May 3rd that JD Weatherspoon was leaning towards re-committing to Xavier. This was before tOSU offered but considering he didn't jump all over that offer the Muskies appear to be in great shape with JD.

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