Wednesday, October 29, 2008

X Picked 1st. Of course they were.

My compadre Deck continues to be cautiously optimistic for another year. No surprise there. Being the resident Cats guy even I can see they are the class of the A10. Deck you've been calling me out to post so now I'm calling you out.

Stand up and shout for your boys man!! Even with the losses the Muskies will contend for an A10 championship and probably be dancing again. Be Proud! I know I would.

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Deck said...

oh i am damn proud of what we accomplished. but each new season brings questions obviously. our brutal non conference schedule with an inexperienced point guard is tempering my hype. now IF jordan crawford is eligible i will expect a sweet 16 season. if not eligible i still see us dancing but not getting out of the first weekend. what should be scary to our opponents is Kenny Frease appears to be the real deal and a real load already. he understands the concept of team defense and has advanced scoring skills for a player his age. his athleticism is the cause for pause with him but i think he will be just fine.