Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lyons Partial Qualifier

Dustin Dow has reported in his blog that 'Cheeks' will not be eligible to be on the floor during games for X this season. He can practice, but not play due to some of the courses he took in prep school not meeting initial eligibility requirements. His grades are good enough, the classes is the issue. Doesn't matter and I view this as a positive. Lyons can practice with the team, spend time needed getting better acclimated to college studies and so forth. It is also eerily similar to Lionel Chalmers' situation at X. Cheeks and L-Train are from the same neck of the woods and their careers are getting off on the same foot. The extra year did wonders for Lionel and I am sure it will be the same for Mark. It is positive from the team perspective in terms of a redshirt being forced upon us by big brother (NCAA). This will clear a logjam at point. Dow also reported that we will have an answer on Crawford in a few weeks but I just don't see that going our way. IMO '09-'10 we will have at least three new players hitting the floor in Lyons, Crawford, and Parrom.

NOW we are down to Redford, Holloway, and Jackson competing for time at point guard. The starting nod should go to one of the frosh as DJ is not a natural point guard but could be a great defensive option. Also interesting to read in DD's blog is the fact that we could see Love and Frease on the floor together. Big Freeze has a nice touch out to the 3 Pt line. However I think matchups would have to play a role in seeing those two out there.

I had envisioned Holloway being the starting point due to clippings and recruiting rankings anyway but it would be great to see Jordan Crawford (who Sean Miller is VERY HIGH on) get that eligibility but again I don't see it happening due to the NCAA and their muddled way of handling things. IF JC is ruled eligible I think he will spend many minutes at the '1' for us.

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