Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cash out for season

Lance McAllister has posted on his blog that Cashmere Wright tore his ACL in practice and will miss the remainder of this season. THIS IS BAD NEWS for UC and the young man. He was basically going to be handed the point position allowing D Vaughn to move off the ball. Mick Cronin states in the Cincinnati Enquirer write up that Vaughn will play the '1', which is where he would need to play any way in the pay for play leagues. Mitchell, Dixon, and Davis will vie for the starting '2' spot. Who backs DV up though? You can't go through the Big East wars playing 35-40 minutes a night and keep up the production.

And we also found out this morning that the 'Cats will be without the services of big man Kenny Belton as well this season. He apparently has some shrinking in his spinal cord canal? I never heard of that before but you truly have to feel for Mick and staff. They haven't been able to play with all their pieces the past couple of years.

HOWEVER I do not want to see any excuses for not improving over last season. They have a beast of a frontline with Williams, Gates, McClain, and Toyloy which will serve them well. Also they have very talented wings in Mitchell, Wilks, Davis and Bishop especially. They still should be improved enough to post a winning record.

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