Monday, October 13, 2008

A 10 Predictions

Since I am itching for a little college basketball action (that was a quick offseason) I thought I would try and predict the A10 order of finish. I have read Lindy's prognostications, some of 'WH' (he has two teams up thus far on the atlantic 10 basketball forum message board), and my much anticipated Blue Ribbon College Yearbook has yet to arrive. 'WH' is a poster on the A10 board who produces phenonemal preview/predictions for each team in the league. He slowly reveals each team as we draw closer to the season. SO before he finished his order I thought I better get mine out there. Also I will sum up/preview each team myself as we get closer to opening tip.

1. Temple
2. Xavier
3. St. Joseph's
4. LaSalle
6. St. Louis
7. Charlotte
8. Rhode Island
9. Dayton
10. George Washington
11. Richmond
12. St. Bonaventure
13. Fordham
14. Duquesne

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