Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Previews, Jakarr Sampson

I have noticed the annual preview magazines (Athlons, Lindy's, Sporting News, ect) are starting to hit the newsstands. Don't waste your money my friends. If you do not need pretty pictures and want in depth analysis be patient and get yourself a Blue Ribbon Yearbook. Chris Dortch and his team do an excellent job of giving in depth previews of all 341 division 1 basketball teams. It takes a little longer to produce but to a hoops junkie like me it is well worth the wait.

Also I will be doing the A10 previews once official practice kicks off in mid-October. I am hopeful my colleague will do the same for the BEAST. Ours will not be nearly as in depth but give some perspective we hope. For the record my predictions were off by a country mile last year.

Finally Jakarr Sampson was on campus for a visit this past weekend. The highly sought after 2011 prospect has the Cincinnati Bearcats high atop his leader board as well. Michigan State is reportedly in the mix for the Akron star and Izzo has done well recruiting Ohio. Usually guys who are interested in both X and UC will kill two birds with one stone but that wasn't the case with Jakarr this weekend. With the 2010 class secure Xavier's staff now has plenty of time to focus on some 'high major' players in the 2011 class. Dezmine Wells, Robert Goff, and Durand Johnson are some other targets the staff is monitoring.

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