Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prep Stars Player Evaluations

Just received my Prepstars Recruiters Handbook 'Exclusive 2009' edition. There are a couple player updates from them I thought I would share. Again Brick Oettinger and Rob Harrington do a great job and you should check them out at I like getting another perspective on future players outside of Rivals and ESPN/Scouts Inc.

They evaluated JORDAN LATHAM at the Peach Jam Classic and this is what they had to say: "Competing with Baltimore Elite and battling Meyers Leonard and others, the 6-8 C/BF at Baltimore(MD)City College is a workhorse who dazzles less and hustles more. The biggest knock on Latham is that he lacks the lift or touch to finish consistently in traffic, but that's just one side of the story. Even without the benefit of great low post offense, he works extremely hard for rebounding position and is a very physical defender as well. He isn't a total non-factor offensively, either, as he runs the court hard and does make some short jump hooks. But it's his brute mentality that can take more skilled opponents out of the game mentally, and that's exactly what he'll bring in college." They rate him at the 97th best prospect in the 2010 class currently. I like the sound of his overall game and him and Frease serving as low post enforcers in the 2010-2011 should give us the size, length, and overall nastiness to stay at a high level.

Their scouting capsule on JAY CANTY detailed the following: "This highly aggressive swingman enhanced his national status over the spring and summer, and he recently gave a verbal commitment to Xavier. Our concern with him is his shot selection and overall decision making, as he tries a lot of difficult, unneccessary shots (and hits of few of them), and he also has a tendency to try to force difficult passes through traffic, sometimes resulting in turnovers. To his credit, he has upgraded his jump shot accuracy and range (now 20 feet), his driving is relentless, he rebounds very well for his height, and his athleticism is well above average, though not quite in the elite category. Additionally, his effort on defense is fine and his hustle is constant on both ends. We see him as a good mid major plus prospect for the Musketeers."

I hope the next issue I receive will have scouting capsules listed for both Justin Martin and Griffin McKenzie. Again a great value if you want a second or third opinion on future prospects.

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