Friday, August 22, 2008

Stewart on Campus

The Enquirer reports that Ari Stewart will be on campus today (Friday) which also happens to coincide with XU student move in weekend. Lots of activity and the campus should show very well. We are against some heavy hitters to get this kid's services but we have been involved with him for a long time. I believe he is the staff's #1 target and it would be great to secure a committ from him before he leaves town.

On other news the book 'Xavier Tales' is a great read for anybody who is a Musketeer basketball fan. Michael Perry did a wonderful job with this piece and it gives you a behind the scenes look at the biggest moments in our basketball history.

One last thing: my counterpart (in typical UC fashion) is half assing this blog over the summer. He seems to think the release of the 'Cats nonconference schedule and the early committ from Benahan is not 'newsworthy' for us. Am I calling him out? Certainly.

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