Thursday, August 14, 2008

Best of Luck AD

Adrion Graves will be transferring after all. has reported he will not be attending fall classes. My best guess of his eventual destination will be Bowling Green to be with Louis Orr and George Jackson but he may have other plans. I guess Andy Taylor will be on scholarship after all this season. AD wanted to play extended minutes and that was looking less and less likely with the depth on the perimeter. Best of luck Adrion and I hope wherever you land you find PT and happiness.


Pepperguy said...

Have you heard that he might come to BGSU, or is it just a "gut feeling" kind of thing?

Deck said...

Louis Orr and George Jackson are Cincinnati guys and close to Ozie Davis who has ties to Graves from AAU days. I read since I posted on this originally that BGSU has no available scholarships so it may be moot at this point. Some X fans seems to think he will transfer to NKU and play in their brand new arena this year. Anywhere he ends up he is a good guy and team mate and deserves a chance for more PT.

Pepperguy said...

Thanks for the info. From everything we've seen, we'd LOVE to have him at BG... maybe something will work out.