Monday, September 29, 2008

Is It Basketball Season Yet?

The Cincinnati BUNGLES have ruined another NFL season for me. I can't wait for college basketball to get under way!

Again anybody who has not read 'Xavier Tales' needs to do so. Very nice book by Michael Perry.

XU has an updated floor most people know but they have also updated the HOF inside Cintas Center with some more pictures of JPosey and the NBA title with the Celtics uni on and new DWest shoes and jersey. West is about a size 17 at minimum. Ugle sneaks too IMO.

Chris Braswell visited Bloomington this weekend but the Hoosiers are at 14 players currently. Tom Crean reportedly has told Braswell to wait until spring to sign his LOI. These coaches are a rather scandalous bunch, always looking to upgrade. I have seen some video on this kid and he will remind you a bit of DWest. Now I am not comparing him to #30 just saying he has shades of his game which are similar. Charlotte is hot on his trail and Maryland was courting him as well. He is in the Rivals top 100 and decommitted from Georgetown last season. FWIW I think Sean and company should focus on landing the Russian at IMG academy. Having a 6'11" PF to play alongside Frease down the line would spell trouble for most A10 teams.

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