Saturday, June 27, 2009

Derrick Brown to Bobcats

Derrick Brown went #40 in the second round to Charlotte during the NBA Draft Thursday night. As disappointing as it was for me to see him fall out of the first round, it had to be truly humbling for DB #5. He has no guaranteed spot and will have to work hard to make the Bobcats roster. IF he doesn't do that expect to see him play for a high level Euro team making 300-400K per season. I am not in the camp that says he made a 'mistake'. With the way talent is evaluated in the NBA and the drafting of foreign players and keeping them overseas for more development; he may not of even been drafted at all in 2010.

I hope he makes it. The question I will always have is if he didn't sign with an agent and went where he did, would he have come back? Who knows but you can't hold onto yesterday too long. Best of luck again Derrick and I will update your progress in the fall to see where you do eventually end up playing for pay.

A couple quick recruiting notes:

-XU has a real chance for small forward Jamail Jones. The entire SEC is taking a look at this kid and indications are when the new rivals rankings come out he will move even higher than his current #75 ranking. He was at X's elite camp last weekend and made a very positive impression. Jamail seems to favor Marquette and Xavier right now and I like the fact that MU already has three small forwards for the 2010 class. A long way to go on this guy but it would be great to land him. Mack and Kelsey have solid recruiting connections in the south.

-Internet 'buzz' has JD Weatherspoon making a decision this weekend. All indications are it is down to X and tOSU. I will be mildly surprised if he chooses the Musketeers as he is a Columbus kid but we shall see.

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